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Getting Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

You’ve got a dryer vent. We've got a dryer vent cleaning company. Coincidence? We think not.
We here at VentRight pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and on raising the standards in the dryer vent cleaning industry. Our goal is simple, to leave our customers satisfied and impressed (in addition to cleaning your dryer vent.)
With the understanding that your home and your time are both very precious, we have designed our service and protocols to best accommodate our customers’ needs.

Getting Your HVAC Ducts Cleaned

Your HVAC duct system - aka known as heating and/or cooling system (you know the vents all over your house) must be cleaned every 3-5years. 

Think about it. All the air in your house has passed through these ducts – Don’t you want them clean? Sure you do, that’s why your still reading.


While many company advertise HVAC duct cleaning, what you get is a superficial cleaning of the vent ends and a foot or two in. 

Here at VentRight we have invested in the training and technology to ensure a deep clean of your entire duct system. You’re welcome. 

Top FAQs
  • DRYER VENTS: Does my dryer vent need to be cleaned? In asking this question, we can assume you have a dryer vent, hopefully hooked up to a dryer. So your answer is YES, you gotta clean it.

  • DRYER VENTS: How often do I need the service? Both the National Fire Association and most dryer manufacturers recommend that dryer vents be cleaned at least once a year, assuming normal usage. (Hint - normal usage is 5 loads a week, but let’s be honest, we all know you do more.)

  • DRYER VENTS: Why do I need my dryer vent cleaned?

    • Because we need the money, and you need your dryer vent cleaned.

    • It increases dryer efficiency (fancy way of saying that your clothing will dry faster)

    • It will save you money - faster dryer = shorter drying time = less money spent

    • It will prolong the life of your dryer

  • HVAC DUCTS: Why do I have to clean my HVAC duct? Over time, moisture builds up on the walls of the duct. Trapping dirt and other things you don’t like to breath, like mold. Ha! There, we said it, yes, mold can start growing in dirty air ducts. 

  • HVAC DUCTS: What part of the HVAC system do you clean? We remove and deep clean the actual vent then send special equipment up into your trunk lines as well as the air intakes to clean…well, everything.

  • HVAC DUCTS: How long does a cleaning take? Depending on how many vents you have can be anywhere from 3-5 hrs. Yes, it’s a project.   

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